There are many good reasons why a visit to Laurenís Massage is a great experience. Here are a few.

Atmosphere: “Inviting”. “Relaxing.” “Serene.” Massage: “Attentive”. “Gifted hands”. “League of their own”. These are the words and phrases often used to describe a visit to Laurenís Massage. Enjoy the energy of a massage that will melt your stress away.

Independently unique. Lauren's Massage is not part of a chain, or a corporation. As the sole owner and founder of her practice, Lauren’s Massage is very client-focused. They have been told they are gentle healers and wonderful listeners.

Beneficial. Many people mistakenly believe that a massage may be soothing and relaxing but are unclear about the other benefits. It is a wonderful way to help fight stress and fatigue. Our bodies build and store harmful toxins when we are stressed and also from every day environmental pollutants. Through the power of touch those toxins are released, freeing the body and giving the circulatory system a complete refresh. Enjoy a relaxing, re-energizing experience that will be good for your body, mind and soul.